The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Headline that Grabs Attention (Tools, Tips & Strategies Included)

Your headlines play a big factor in determining whether someone will click on your content or not.  

You can say goodbye to the click if your content is not upto your audience’s standards or does not grab their attention.  

Power to drive more traffic to your website or your blog post resides in your headline.  

But don’t be fooled, they can also take the traffic away from you.  

According to Copyblogger, 8 out of 10 searches will read headline copy before clicking, but only 2 out of 10 will actually read the post.  

So this tells us that headline is very critical for grabbing attention.

You do not want to lose precious traffic that will boost your business just because of bad headlines.

There are a few ways to convert your headlines into click magnets to increase the traffic on your website or blog.

With the addition of some specific tools, tricks, tips, and tactics you can accelerate the process.

Headline Generator for Inspiration

If you are one of those who lack the inspiration to create headline ideas for content, then you have come to the right spot.

If you don’t have enough time or patience to come up with creative headlines, you can use several different headline generation tools.  

But, these tools should not be your one stop shop, they just aren’t always good enough without tweaking.  

Well with that being said, let’s dive into some tools.

One of my favorite one is the Content Idea Generator by Portent.  You would enter in your keyword in this tool and hit the refresh button to get headline ideas.  

Another impressive tool is HubSpot’s Topic Idea Generator.

This tools works in the same way as the one discussed before.  Simply put your keyword and keep refreshing until you find a good headline.

Remember, the headlines that you get from these tools are amazing for a start.  But, keep in mind that these aren’t the most creative or whimsical titles that someone could come up with.  So always try to tweak it and make it better according to your content.

So, how do you make them better?

One of the best tactic is to add a threat to the headline.

For example, a headline for the keyword ‘Content Marketing’:

The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Content Marketing

Let’s add a threat to the headline.

The Worst [Common] Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Content Marketing and How to Fix it

Here you see we have added the threat by adding ‘[Content]’, this will instantly make any reader think they are doing it wrong.

‘How to Fix it’ will make the reader to click on the headline, because it gives them the solution.

“Solution Selling” Concept

Solution selling is a simple concept:

Main idea is to focus on customers specific problems, wants, and desires.  

For example, a user has problem in generating more organic traffic.  

Instead of selling your SEO tool and saying “it’s the best tool with XYZ features, and ABC reporting tools”, you should focus more on the solution.  

You could use a headline which says something like, “You can create better content in less time and generate better organic traffic by using this tool”.

This headline gives a straight solution to customer’s problem.  

Always look forward to sell the solution.

What is your post trying to solve for the users? What problem is it addressing? What does your product solve?

Let’s say a typical user is looking to become more efficient, get things done fast, and be more organized.  And you sell a productivity tool.

In your headline, make sure to express these exact desires to boost conversions.  

Sense of Urgency

One of the powerful tool in the world of digital marketing is urgency.

This is what many big companies are doing these days.  For example, look at how Amazon uses a subtle form of urgency to drive conversions.  

“Want it tomorrow? Order it within the next few hours.”

This definitely creates urgency at its prime.  

Many other companies like Groupon, LinkedIn, etc, use the same tactic.

For example, a great example of how LinkedIn created urgency through a headline.

Matched Audiences: LinkedIn’s Newest Secret Advertising WEapon You’re Not Using

This is a great example, because it introduces a topic, says why you should use it, and gives a risk factor if you don’t use it.

Urgency should be your best friend when it comes to writing headlines.

Conduct Headline A/B testing

2.6 seconds is all it takes to either win or lose a new visitor.

What exactly happens in these few short seconds?

Reading your headline.

Deciding whether to click it or not.

Thinking how compelling it is.

Thinking if it drives urgency.

If it isn’t creating an urgency or compelling them, you aren’t getting a new visitor.

Using an A/B testing tool is a great way find out which headlines or styles your audience prefers.

Thrive’s Headline Optimizer is one of my favorite headline-testing tools.

This tool can help you test your headline automatically on each blog post which is shared on your website.

It will give you the top-performing headline.

This tool has a easy-to-use integration that works with sites like WordPress and e-commerce platforms.  

For all your new post you publish or also for the old content, you can create new tests.  

Metrics like views, engagement rates and more can give you better insights.  

You dashboard can help you make informed decisions with the help of insights and data it provides the user.

This is a great tool for anyone looking to maximize headline impact.  

Want to get better results on your headlines today?  Try using Thrive’s Headlne Optimizer.

Piggyback Top Performing Headline Styles From Your Competitors

Stealing data and specially traffic from your competitors is one of my favorite tactics when it comes to digital marketing.

Great way to do this is by analyzing the best performing content of your competitors.

Make sure to collect data on which blog posts are driving most clicks and traffic through organic search?

Also which posts are frequently getting shared on social media?

If you can do this, you will definitely find success.  

Key is to find their best performing headlines and modify them to your needs.  This will guarantee that visitors will click your post instead of your competitors, since you have just improved upon them.  

Use BuzzSumo to search your competitor’s site:

You can spy on their content and keep an eye on what is performing the best.

You simply have to enter a URL in this tool, and it will give you the top performing posts of that URL.  

Next, look for trends.

Steal what performs the best.

Whenever you come across a post that has the most share, you already know that headline played a big role.

Headlines are huge at creating interest and excitement for content because they create the first and the most important impression.  

Always try to dig deep.

For example, How to Get Promoted by Social Media Influencers When You’re a Nobody

This is a great headline.  It follows a format of ‘tutorial style’ + ‘specific end goal’ + ‘specific article audience’.

“How to” tells the user the tutorial style.

“Promoted by Social Media Influencers” tells the users the specific end goal.

“When You’re a Nobody” tells the users the specific article audience.  

This headline tells us three things

  • Getting promoted by social media influencers is always beneficial.
  • It provides information on how to actually do it.
  • This headline precisely targets the audience.

BuzzSumo is a great tool to gain insights on the top performing content around you.  


Headline is what users see the first thing when they do a search on Google.  

It grab attention because it has the largest font size.

So you have make sure it grabs attention.

Headlines play a big role in determining if you get the click or not.

If your headline is boring, you risk on losing a potential visitor.

So, how to write a headline that confirms a click?

Start by utilizing headline generator for some ideas.

It will give you different ideas and help you tweak the headlines according to your product.

Next, try using A/B testing to see which headline works best for your audience.  

Steal ideas from your competitors.  One of the best tactic in digital marketing.

An attractive headline can put you on the right track, and bad one can get you off track in no time.  

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