How to Leverage Social Media for E-commerce

Nowadays everyone and their dog has a Facebook profile or page.

You can definitely gain fan following on social media if a dog can.

Some businesses still haven’t tapped into the real potential that the enormous popularity of the social media platforms.  

On the other hand some businesses have given it a shot, but not with full heart.  So they end of not taking advantage of social media for all it’s worth.

You are missing out on great opportunities if you haven’t yet created a strong social media presence, because in the end it is all about brand awareness, traffic to your site, and make sales.  A strong social media presence can help you deliver all of this.

It’s not too late.

It does not matter if you are a newcomer to the party or a social media expert, you can still use social media to grow your business.

Are you looking to understand why and how social media is so important to your success?

You have come to the right spot.

In this guide I will walk you through how to utilize social media to drive traffic and to increase sales.

I’ll shed light on how to pick which social media channels to use, and also teach you how to measure your ROI for social media so you can be sure that your effort are not going to waste.

You will know what it takes to grow your business using social media by the time you finish reading this guide.

Let’s dive into why social media is important for e-commerce store.

Why Is Social Media Important For E-commerce?

Social media is still a significant driver of traffic for websites, even though search traffic is making a comeback.

Ever wondered why social shares dropped?

Users spend more time on video and live streaming content rather than on Facebook.  

This type of content is less likely to link out to other pages.

Number of shares going down doesn’t necessarily mean that social media is becoming less popular.  

If anything, it’s getting better everyday.

Current projections tell us that in the next two years 90% of businesses will be using some form of social media for customer service.

You don’t want to see yourself in the 10% two years from now, otherwise you will risk losing customers.


Well, customers tend to trust the companies who engage with their customers, and these customers spend 20-40% more with companies that they have social media

In three years there will be over 3 billion people using social media, as compared to 2.46 billion social media users today.

A market this huge can’t be ignored.

Companies in the past believed that markets with teens or twenty-something was the target market.

That is no longer the case now.

All ages are attracted to social media now.  

If you want to hand your customers to your competition, simply ignore social media and watch your customers walk over to your competitors.

Consumers use their social media accounts a lot.  

On an average, customers use their accounts for 2 hours and 15 minutes per day!  This is twice as long as any other online activity.

This means that your customers are spending twice as more time on social media rather than shopping or browsing online.

Shouldn’t your target them there instead?

How To Drive Traffic From Social Media?

There are two different ways you can use social media for -commerce.

Either to drive traffic to your website, or to make sales [which I will talk about later on].

Connections, relationships, and engagement are the only three things social media is about.  

Use all of them to drive traffic to your business.

Getting recommended on social media is a huge thing.  According to research customers who experience positive interactions with your company are likely to recommend your business.

Guess where they will recommend your business.  

You are right: social media!

So the big question here is how to create positive interactions on social media?

First things first, try making content that resonates with your target audience.

All of us like human interaction, and 78% of users believe social media is the future customer service.

Regular interaction with your customers on social media is very important.  88% of customers are less likely to buy your services if you leave their inquiry or complaints unanswered.  

According to the research 77% of customers have improved perception of a business after chatting with them online.

Make sure your social media content is regular and engaging.  This practice will increase traffice to your site.

To be more engaging share more written content, images, and links to your websites.

Sharing video content is more important as it will create more personal touch or your business with your customers.  

You doubt it?  This year 85% of companies plan on increasing their video content on social media platforms.

If you want to win the roaming customers on social media, you will have to do the same.  

This year 67% of companies plan on increasing their social media advertising budget.  So, you should step your game up as well.

This tells you two things:

  1. Advertising on Social Media works.
  2. If you have to play, you have to pay.

If you see your competitors investing in social media ads, you should too!

It is likely that the businesses that invest in ads will suggest investing more because it is effective.  

Here are some other ways to take advantage of social media other than paid ads.

Facebook Content

Articles between 2000-25000 words in lengths get more shares on Facebook than any other articles.  

Videos between 4 minutes and 4 minutes, 20 seconds get more shares than other videos.

Quality of the content is also a factor, not just the length. 

Live Streaming Videos

A huge and growing form of social media: Live Streaming.

Every minute 300 hours of video is being uploaded on YouTube.

YouTube users come across total of 1 billion hours of video content per day.

People crave video content.  But live video is more exciting to these users.

Every age category creates and watches live videos.

36% of Americans watch Live Video.

22% of Americans create Live Video.

Live videos generate conversions as well.  Two-thirds of people are more likely to buy a ticket for an event after watching a live video about it.

Some facts about why Live Videos are good for you:

  • 80% of people prefer watching a live video over a blog post
  • 82% of people prefer watching a live video over any other social media post.
  • In the whole world over 36% of internet users have already watched live video.

Maximum of the social media platforms have live streaming option available.

Do not forget to let your fans and followers know beforehand that you will be streaming live.

Instant Messaging

Messaging platforms are getting popular by second!

Some leading platforms:

  • WhatsApp: 1.3 billion
  • Facebook Messenger: 1.2 billion
  • WeChat: 963 million

Chatbots and artificial intelligence can be used to automatically increase engagement using messaging channels.

From my experience, I am sure you can achieve 88% open rate and 56% CTR using Facebook Messenger.

These are some communications you can use messaging for.

  • Creating a sales funnel
  • Content Share
  • Automating basic conversations
  • Providing resources

A chatbot can automatically take care of your sales, complaint department, help desk, and more.

Instagram Stories

250 million daily active users.

Around half of companies on Instagram post no less than one Story every month. 20% of those Stories create no less than one direct message.

That is an extraordinary commitment rate for online life!

The Story highlight enables clients to post videos and images that vanish in 24 hours.

You can even utilize the Story highlight to make basic surveys to gather profitable client information.

It should be a piece of your internet based life technique if your objective statistic is on Instagram.

How To Sell Using Social Media?

Is it true that you are hoping to utilize social media for selling as opposed to simply putting out information about the brand.

In that event, you can definitely find yourself winning some sales. There are a few techniques for selling on social media. .

Bear in mind that a client should be “prepared to purchase” before any of these strategies will work. You can utilize the procedures from the last area to help move clients through to this stage.

Paid Advertising

Facebook and Instagram have been updating their algorithm to personalize content.

This means paid ads will be required to get your products visible.

Larry Kim, paid marketing expert, advises to only promote your top content to generate success.


Targeting the same customer again and again over different social media platform is know as ‘Remarketing’.

This would make you think that such activity would creep a consumer.  But according to Wordstream this has increased the conversion rates with more ad impressions.  

This practice receives 3 times more clicks and 4 times more likely to convert new customers.

In-app Purchases

Nowadays customers prefer to stay on social platform all the time.  So, you can make them purchase without ever leaving the social platform, known as In-app purchase.

Ecwid app lets you set up shopping cats on your Facebook page.  

This allows a Facebook user to check out without leaving the site.  

Pinterest also offers such service: “But It” button.

This makes mobile shopping experience smoother, which can be helpful tactic to lift your sales.

Influence Marketing

How would you like a return of $7.65 for every $1 spent on average?

That a good deal!

This is what influencer marketing yields on average.

It is described as an effective strategy by 84% of polled marketers.

67% plan on increasing their budget on it.

70% of teens YouTube users rather trust influencers over traditional celebrities.

49% of Twitter users rely on influencers recommendations.  

For gaining customers Influencer marketing is turning out to be one of the fastest growing method.

User Generated Content

So far we know it is important to be engaged with your customers.  

But, it is more important to make them feel special.  

You can do this by using user-generated content.  


On a regular basis 68% of users engage with brands.

The engagement ratio on Instagram is eight times greater on Instagram than it is on any other social media marketing platform, according to TrackMaven.  

A lot of marketers have not yet saturated with Instagram yet, this is a big advantage.

Your unpaid posts are more likely to be visible to users on Instagram, rather than on Facebook.

Instagram is generally worth more.

On an average value of one order on Instagram is $65.

Third-party tools like Like2Buy can help your Instagram feed shoppable.

You can easily find integrations and plugins for e-commerce platforms.

So why not get started today!


An Incredible platform to drive sales, specially for e-commerce products.

WallNeedsLove, e-commerce brand, used Pinterest to drive 94% of their social media traffic.

Buyable Pins allow users to buy products directly on Pinterest without ever leaving the site.

It is completely free to set up Buyable Pins!

Tips and Tricks To Improve Your Social Media

Use Automation:

Try to automate your social media as much as possible.

This is important because customers who complain on your social media expect a response within an hour.

If you do not respond on social media, 88% of people are less likely to do business with you.

Keep Mobile in Mind:

As we earlier talked about how live videos are exploding.

75% of mobile data traffic will be video by 2020.

Convenience, community, and relevance is what mobile video viewers seek.

Be Social

  • 80% of your social media marketing should interact with your users and share new, tips, or cool stuff
  • Only 20% of your social media marketing should focus on your product.


Social Media has become a huge part in everyone’s life in today’s world.  This presents us a great opportunity to leverage it for brand awareness, generate more sales, and create loyal followers.

If you are one of those who haven’t had time to invest or have never invested in social media at all, it’s not too late yet.  

I have shared keys to a successful social media for e-commerce.  

Now, you have everything you need to build a strong social media presence!  All you have to do is to put it in practice.

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